Reine later additional the Yatogami surname on her

This woman is ignorant ways by which around the globe, but nonetheless has actually a regular feeling of embarrassment. She seems to have good thoughts to possess Shido, which she is proven to be unable to know when she will get jealous once seeing Shido affect hug Yoshino. not, to the training you to Yoshino try a spirit such as herself she determines to support Shido inside the lead to to save others Spirits such as for instance Kurumi, also earnestly engaging in battles every so often. The girl Angel was Sandalphon, that takes the form of a great broadsword, always that have a great throne you to definitely doubles as scabbard, whether or not some times it appears to be like she will manage simply as much damage that have or without it, having fun with her hands to enterprise ebony energy spheres otherwise bolts inside the purchase to chop thanks to inanimate things without difficulty.

Her Astral Top, Adonai Melek, include a red ballgown. On full-power she shatters the brand new throne (volume step one) and you will integrates the newest bits to your blade turning the latest blade towards Halvanhelev (the very last Sword) stretching new knife multiple yards enough time, dramatically expanding their energies and certainly will feel billed to help you release an enthusiastic ultimate blow. Luckily for us, the only date she put Halvanhelev energized right up Shido handled to quit and you will close their till the time try unleashed. This lady AST and Ratatoskr codename is actually Princess. Origami Tobiichi (?? ?? Tobiichi Origami) A very brilliant classmate from Shido who is sports, “beautiful”, additionally the most famous member of Shido’s university. She’s usually also known as doll-as with looks. She has small light hair and bluish-gray vision. She’s the only people “girlfriend” regarding Shido, and you may of all of the other women that like him, she actually is probably the most aggressive in her quest for him showing zero bounds inside her attempts to find out more about your, rating closer to your, if not to the making an application for more intimate which have him.

She’s got enough time ebony red hair and red-colored eyes

Otherwise obsessive it borderlines as she do particular unusual things for example knowing Shido’s appropriate measurements, and you will dressed since the a maid when he went along to the lady just after overhearing he wants maids. She know Shido from when they certainly were pupils residing the latest same flat building and you will him doing something that had a powerful influence on the lady. The girl hatred off Comfort stems from a heart who killed their mothers five years earlier whether or not it blasted this lady moms and dads after they managed to stay away from the burning family. As a result of this, she joined new AST, where she keeps the review away from Learn Sergeant, in an effort to select the Soul accountable for this new fire codenamed “Efreet” and you can kill the lady, because the she considered that “Efreet” is responsible.

This lady dating plans were a power take in where you to lose often increase his times a beneficial hundredfold, chloroform getting problems, and you can a couple of handcuffs which have hiding tape however if she should utilize them

not “Efreet” who turns out to be Kotori was not the brand new Soul responsible. She hesitantly thinks Shido when he says to this lady one while Kotori accidentally started the new flame, she don’t destroy Origami’s mothers and this there can be another soul truth be told there (after called Phantom). Even though whether Phantom killed the lady moms and dads or other heart try truth be told there and you will is the one who murdered Origami’s mothers is unknown. But not, given Phantom went along to higher lengths concealing their identity such as for example without having a very clear picture or voice while appointment people during the addition to help you cleaning Shido’s and you will Kotori’s memory five years ago its unlikely it was this lady Origami watched mocking her parents’ death. That it Women’s Choice dating one purpose of revenge has enough drive within her in order to overcome their calm, figuring, and you may authored identity on her behalf to check out the latest the quantity from ignoring purchases and you will hysteria, getting her into the troubles into multiple celebration.

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